You are why we do what we do

How you helped Threadway Design become a reality

Some pictures of my past handmade creations – and one of me and with my husband

We are thrilled that everyone who has one of our handmade pieces knows they are getting a unique item worthy of many compliments.

Owner, Threadway Design

Before I created Threadway Design, I designed and made many handcrafted gifts and recipients would say “These are so beautiful, you should sell them”.

I have been creating handmade items for decades, beginning with a blue gingham check apron for my Mom on Mother’s day when I was in 4th grade. From prom, bridesmaid, and wedding dresses to custom window treatments, pillows, and cushions, my love of textiles and sewing (and knitting!) has been a common thread throughout my life.

To say that I love to create things with my hands is an understatement.

I was adopted at birth and a couple of years ago, I found my birth family. I discovered that my birth grandmother was a seamstress and an entrepreneur, owning multiple businesses throughout her lifetime. She also hand made many items for her children and grandchildren. The similarities are a bit intriguing.

When it comes to Nature vs Nurture

I have had the best of both worlds. My genetics may have given me the gift to work with my hands, but my upbringing gave me the best opportunities to realize my dream of owning my own business and selling my creations for others to enjoy. 

I am extremely grateful.